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The Auburn National Champion swim teams, under Head Coach David Marsh, had been hoping for a congratulatory White House invitation since 1997. The Tigers, by 2004, had amassed 7 NCAA National Championships. The Alabama U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives through the years had been unable to secure a White House Invitation.

Coach Marsh had done so much for Jacob that in November, 2004 I asked for his permission to go through Laura Bush's office to petition for a White House invitation. Jacob had done well in his high school special education program and also excelled in swimming with his high school team. I faxed a short resume and some Jacob news clippings to Mrs. Bush.

Mrs. Bush, with her interest in special education, sent a note to Jacob offering her congratulations. Her office also invited the Auburn teams to have an escorted White House tour but Auburn was unable to schedule. I did receive a phone number and contact name, from Mrs. Bush's office, for the Presidential Scheduling Office.

In March 2005 after the Auburn men won another National Championship I began lobbying with faxes and phone calls to the Presidential Scheduling Office. I was locally informed that Mrs.Bush's new personal secretary was a 1991 Auburn graduate. I called the new secretary at Mrs. Bush's office and asked her to please assist in a White House Presidential Invitation.

Finally the Auburn men swim team was invited and congratulated by President Bush at a White House ceremony in 2005. This was the first ever National Champion college swim team to be invited to the White House and recognized by the President.

In 2006 both the Auburn men and women swim teams won NCAA National Championship. On the Monday after the victories I called my contacts, with the news, at Laura Bush's office and at the Presidential Scheduling Office and asked them to please contact Coach Marsh's secretary at Auburn University. Both teams attended a White House ceremony later in 2006.

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